Math4Office transforms your documentation experience by adding advanced mathematical capabilities right where they belong.

The result is — the ultimate documentation suite.

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Develop technical Word documents

Easily develop professional scientific and engineering Word documents without needing to use external calculators or advanced mathematics packages.

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Revolutionize your Outlook emails

You don't have to shy away from calculations when it comes to business communication! Share your technical ideas and collaborate with your team right from within Outlook.

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Create winning presentations

We know what you're going through trying to prepare your presentations. It’s now easier to have accurate mathematics of different complexities right inside PowerPoint. Calculations and graphs are the winning formula!

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Must have for technical documentation

Math4Office gives your Microsoft Office a comprehensive pack of advanced mathematics functionality. Develop professional technical reports, articles, datasheets, presentations, and business emails much faster and easier!

Transform your educational experience!

Great for students! Carry out calculations, build graphs or solve equations and Math4Office will suggest corrections if you make mistakes. Ideal for coursework!

Powerful and intuitive everyday mathematics tool

Don’t need the advanced mathematics? Get Math4Office for everyday use and find out the benefits of working with your personal math assistant.