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What are the system requirements for Math4Office?

Math4Office is an add-in to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In order to successfully install Math4Office, you first need to have Microsoft Office installed on your PC. Math4Office works on Microsoft Windows 7 and both with 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Office. It also requires .NET framework 4.0.

How can I update my Math4Office installation?

Math4Office automatically updates itself. This way you are always on the latest version and getting the best experience and latest features.

Where is the product key?

Math4Office does not require a stand-alone product key. The user needs to be logged-in using their Math4Office credentials to use the software.

How to uninstall Math4Office?

Close all open instances of Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Open Control Panel > Uninstall Programs. Select Math4Office from the list of installed applications and click Uninstall.

When installing the software, I am getting: "Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime is not installed"

Download and install VSTO Runtime Version 10.0.60724 from:
After successful installation, install Math4Office.