Math4Office Refund Policy

We hope you don’t have to, but…

Here at Askae, we believe in bringing the best value to our customers. We offer our new customers a free trial of the Professional license feature for the first 30 days. No purchase or credit card information is necessary during this trial period. We also offer monthly and yearly subscription plans which are flexible to meet our customers’ needs.

Having said that, you may cancel a subscription at any time. If you cancel your paid subscription it means you’ll finish your current subscription without receiving money back.

Once the subscription expires, your Math4Office account will revert to a Basic account, and you will no longer have the additional paid account features. After downgrading, your account will no longer automatically renew and no further renewal charges will be applied for your account.

Our goal is to provide you with the best and most reliable advanced mathematics solution for Microsoft Office. We stand behind the high quality of our product. If you believe there is a defect in our software, contact our support team for a quick resolution. We will research your defect report promptly and get back to you with an update.

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