Turn your Microsoft Office tools into the ultimate documentation suite using Math4Office!

Total renovation of today's documentation and presentation experience. Develop your total content all inside Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook without relying on external mathematical tools.

So what can Math4Office really do?

Check Expressions

Check your math expressions or turn on live expression check to underline wrong expressions. With a single click, Math4Office will suggest the correct answer if you made a little mistake :)

check expression

Evaluate Expressions

Just press the evaluate button or turn on live evaluation to automatically get the results of any expression as soon as you hit the equal sign. You don’t need your scientific calculator anymore. Math4Office will do it for you!

evaluate expression

Currency Converter

Working with currencies? Just click on the button and convert to any currency without leaving your document! You can even choose an exchange rate based on published US Treasury listing.

currency convertor

Time Converter

Trying to schedule a meeting? Use the Time Converter to quickly find the time between two cities.

time converter

Measures Converter

Working with different units? Math4Office will help you to convert any measures using a built-in converter.

units converter

Units Calculations

Working with units has never been easier. Write your scientific expressions and let Math4Office help you check and solve them.

Currency Calculations

It's easy to do currency calculations with Math4Office. Just select the currency exchange period (based on US Treasury listings) and start writing your expression. You can use international currency codes or symbols.

New ways to generate Plots & Tables

First define your vectors and underlying equations. Then use the new Plot and Table functions to automatically draw them. Cool, right? Alternate way to using spreadsheets!

graph ploting example graph ploting example graph ploting example graph ploting example graph ploting example
graph ploting example graph ploting example graph ploting example Table example Table example
Table example


Math4Office has a large set of built-in constants (including one with units). You can even define your own custom constants and start using them in your expressions.

contants form


It has never been easier to define your own variables and use them inside your equations. View your defined variables directly inside the Variables Pane. Perfect for professionals and students!

variables pane

Calculator pane

Do your calculations much faster with the new built-in Calculator Pane. Just place it anywhere around your document and it's always there when you need it!

calculator pane

Typing shortcuts

Define your own typing shortcuts or slash commands and stop searching for those mathematical symbols you always use. Make your math experience much more productive!

shortcuts form

Currency shortcuts

We know it's difficult to type some of the currency symbols. The currency shortcuts form helps you assign a shortcut to a particular currency symbol and associate it to a currency code. Makes your accounting work much easier!

shortcuts form

Vectors and Matrices

Working with data. Define your own row or column vectors or matrices and use them in your expressions.

vector and matrices example